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Preventative Maintenance

The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine maintenance

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An Oil Change Can Really Change Your Mood.
And It Will Definitely Change Your Oil.

Oil Changes:

8 cylinders $90

6 cylinders $75

*M Series motors add $30

     BMW’s have two different service programs. Early models ( e30 , e36 , e32 , e34 , e38 , e39 , e46 , 3 series , 5 series , 7 series , and X5) use the Inspection 1 and 2 service schedules. Every 15K miles is a BMW Oil Service with synthetic oil, every 30K  is an Inspection 1 Service and every 60K is Inspection 2 Service. The later models ( e90 , e92 , e60 , e65 , e70 , X3 ) and the most recent BMW F series now go by a Conditional Based Service System (CBS), where the vehicle computers monitor load, mileage, and time parameters to calculate and remind the driver when service is needed. Most of the oil changes occur at 3-5 thousand mile intervals. BMW factory service oil change requirement may be enough to get your car through the warranty period without problems. However, our experience has shown that following a preventative maintenance program with more frequent oil changes will prevent excessive sludge, internal engine wear, and expensive repairs shortly after the warranty period ends. We recommend an engine oil and Filter change service every 5000 – 7500 miles.

One of the simplest, most effective and inexpensive ways to help protect the life of your car, especially its engine, is to change the oil and the oil filter regularly.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It reduces friction, lessens wear, provides lubrication, forms a seal between the pistons, rings and cylinder walls while helping to cool engine parts. Without the cleaning action of new oil, carbon and varnish buildup would be toxic to the engine. And engine oil even dampens the shock and noise of moving parts.

With an oil change, or any other service, you’ll receive an ATX Bimmer Courtesy Check. We’ll look inside, outside, under the hood and underneath the car, then explain the findings.

Our ATX Bimmer Courtesy Check includes a visual check of the following items:

          Engine air filter

          Brake fluid

          Power steering fluid


          We’ll also walk you through your vehicle                                 manufacturer’s recommendations for replacing these           vital fluids and filters.

Oil change near me? The next time you ask this question, just book your appointment at ATX Bimmer!

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